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Schleicher Geist Delicatessen is a leading producer of selected fish specialties. Their exquisite spreads have been made for over 30 years from the finest carp roe from an old family recipe.

Tarama Variations
Taramas Ikrette Ikrette Dill Ikrette Chili Taliv

» We use only the most stringently inspected and high quality raw-materials for our delicatessen. Our production and bottling take place under the strictest quality standards at our Munich, Germany company. «

Winston W. Geist,
Founder and Managing Director

Carp roe spreads suit everyone's taste. Re-experience traditional tarama with a new twist: Our delicious delicatessen Taramas, Ikrette and Taliv:

Taramas · Ikrette pure · Ikrette with chili · Ikrette with dill · Taliv with olives


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